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The Integrated Lean and SixSigma Certification program in the Department of Integrated Systems Engineering provides ISE Undergraduate and Graduate Students with the opportunity to augment their ISE degrees with an ILSS Certificate and potentially a Certification.

  • The certification program typically encomapssing 1.5 years, starts with a rigourous black belt training program in Lean & Six Sigma principles and statistics (ISE 5810) comprising of one semester. The course based on the Blended Training & Development Model developed by Moresteam, requires passing the black belt exam to achieve the Black Belt level certitificate.
  • To demonstrate mastery and application of the Lean Sigma Principles in practice requires completion of a 2 semester long Green Belt project (ISE 5811 & ISE 5812), before achieving green belt certification. The projects typically are of the DMAIC type (DEFINE, MEASURE, ANAYLZE - ISE 5811, ANALYZE, IMPROVE, CONTROL - ISE 5812), but can also be DFSS (Design for Six Sigma) or DMADV (Define, Measure, Analyze, Develop, Verify) depending on the specific nature of the project.

The links on the left will guide you through the various elements of the program.