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Evolution of the program

Initial Launch and Basis of the program- 

The ILSS Program launched in the Fall of 2007 based on a design strategy and plan developed by Dr.’s Julie Higle and Dr. Scott Sink.  Dr. Higle believed, based on Senior Exit Interviews, that our Undergraduate Students needed a set of courses that did a better job of helping them see how all their core courses fit together.  Dr. Sink was coming off 7 years as Vice President of Business Process Reengineering and Improvement and based on recruiting and hiring experiences believed Undergrads needed more real world seasoning as part of their BSISE programs. 

The Program is based on learnings and work done from 2004-2007 with MDS in Toronto, Canada.  Dr. Sink was the VP of Business Process Improvement and reported directly to the President of Enterprise Services for MDS.  Dr. Sink’s BPI unit served the entire MDS organization, 4 revenue generating business units and included Corporate/Enterprise IT, Finance, HR, and Supply Chain Management.  He was mandated to build, from ground up, a best in class Operations Excellence Program powered by Integrated LeanSigma Principles, Methods, Training, Tools, etc.  This mandate was achieved, completed in the Spring of 2007 and Dr. Sink returned to academia, Ohio State ISE.  

Outstanding Curriculum Innovation Award, 2011 - 

In 2011, the ILSS program was awarded the Outstanding Curriculum Innovation Award by the ISE Academic Department Heads at the Annual IIE Conference. The Design Review presentation for the same has been linked here to provide an understanding of the history of the program and the concept design.