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Review board


Name: Nilav Ranpara                                                                                        

Company: Deloitte Consulting LLP                                          

Position: Business Technology Analyst                                                                

Additional Thoughts and Comments: Taking the series of ILSS courses with Scott Sink helped me lay down the foundation on my career. It contributed to my personal and professional growth beyond anything I ever anticipated. By serving as a panel member in the ILSS Review Board, I now have an opportunity to pay forward and contribute to the growth of other talented students within the ISE department, which is incredibly humbling. I also get to network with my fellow review board members, which helps me benchmark and find ways to reinvent myself. 



Name: Bill Hathaway


Position: President

Additional Thoughts and Comments: I've been fortunate to work with Dr. Sink since the inception of the ILSS program, and I've enjoyed the opportunity to become more personally connected to the students who are using our software.  I'm continually impressed with the quality of the project work, and the significant tangible benefits realized by sponsoring organizations.  Witnessing the application of tools and methods that we are teaching helps inform our ongoing product development improve our content and learning technology.



Name: Mike Blenk

Company: NiSource

Position: Sr. Business Improvement Analyst - 

Additional Thoughts and Comments: Working with the ILSS program has been a privilege; I have learned a lot from the belt candidates, their projects, and their sponsoring companies, and that helps keep my perspective fresh and make my own work better.  Occasionally I am able to share a lesson from my own experience, which in turn increases the value of that experience for me.  Watching the growth of the students and knowing the quality of candidates graduating from the program gives me a lot of faith in the future.



Name: Laura Czuba

Company: Salo Solutions

Position: Senior Consultant 

Additional Thoughts and Comments: I enjoy being able to contribute to a program I received so much benefit from going through myself.  Scott has a unique ability to push his students outside of their comfort zone resulting in higher performance and preparedness to significantly contribute to any organization’s process or performance improvement efforts.  The program goes beyond training for the real-world; the program’s expectations are the real-world business environment.  The experience and skill-set gained was in-valuable to launching my career of choice.



Name: Jared Frederici

Company: The Poirier Group

Position: Senior Process Improvement Specialist & Master Black Belt Candidate

Additional Thoughts and Comments:The Integrated LeanSigma Certification Program in ISE at Ohio State was a unique innovation on the part of Dr. Sink and Dr. Higle back in 2007.  It has been a tremendous curriculum enhancement for the ISE program.  It is rigorous, demanding, challenging and readies students for the real world in a way that is extremely effective.  When asked to serve on the Review Team I simply couldn’t refuse in spite of a very demanding workload; it’s my way of paying back and forward to OSU and ISE.      



Name: Stephanie Viehman

Stephanie earned her BSISE from the University of Pittsburgh and then her MBA from Duke.  She is a Certified Black Belt and has served as Deployment Leader for Lean and Six Sigma at Mettler Toledo in Columbus. 



Name: Jon Corsetti

Company: Sutphen

Position: Process Improvement Lead

Jon is in the process of completing his Black Belt certification.  He is leading a major reengineering transformation for Sutphen Corporation (Dublin, OH).  



Name: Amy Tomaszewski

Company: Grange Insurance

Position: Deployment Leader

Amy Tomaszewski is the AVP of the Operational Excellence department at
Grange, and deployment leader for LSS projects throughout the organization.
She completed her Black Belt training through the Ohio State University and
is in the process of completing her certification requirements.

Additional Thoughts and Comments:

I began working with Dr. Sink and the ISE program at OSU in 2012, and Grange
has seen great benefits from the project work completed by the ISE belt
candidates.  Our Grange Operational Excellence department was formed in
2011, and our journey is therefore in its early stages.  The ISE project
work both strengthens our delivery to our business unit customers, and
expands the knowledge and experience of the candidates.  Conducting LSS
projects within a financial transactional service can be a challenge, and we
learn as much from the ISE students as they learn from us.  I've been
fortunate to be able to coach the candidates through business problems such
as resource restrictions, tribal knowledge gaps and process maturity
differences, while they've utilized their tools around data capture and
analysis and more formal reporting on our LSS projects.




Name: Dhuey Cronk                                                                                

Company: Abbott                                           

Position: Principal Engineer                                                              

Additional Thoughts and Comments:




Name: Nathan Rohyans                                                                              

Company: Dublin City Schools                                           

Position: Coordinator of Operational Excellence                                                              

Additional Thoughts and Comments: