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Strategic partnerships and alliances

A program like this doesn’t exist, can’t survive in a vacuum.  Over time, a number of critical and valuable partnerships have evolved:

  1. Moresteam (  Perhaps the most foundational is our relationship with  Dr. Sink turned to Moresteam and William Hathaway, in 2005 while at MDS.  A sound and resilient Blended Training and Development Model has been built with offerings provided by Moresteam.  
  2. The Poirier Group (  Scott and David Poirier have been ‘partners’ since the early 80’s.  Scott has worked for David in a number of capacities over the years.  Since 2007 a very effective, synergistic relationship has evolved between our ILSS/ISE program and David’s growing consulting business.  Several of David’s key principals are graduates of our program and one serves on the ILSS/ISE Review Board.  Most recently TPG and OSU collaborated on a case study oriented presentation at the annual Industrial and Systems Engineering conference in Nashville.  This presentation is posted in our Publications and Case Studies Section of this site.  (
  3. Center for Operational Excellence ( 
  4. World Confederation of Productivity Sciences (

In addition partnerships with various sponsoring organizations have evolved through the outstanding ability of out students to improve processes at lead projects. Without the help & partnerships of these organization the program would have been impossible to sustain. Please follow the Sponsors link on top tab for information on current active & recent sponsors, how to become a sponsor, and our value proposition to new sponsors.