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How to engage with the program

A program like this cannot exist without the help and partnership of sponsors. Over time a number of partnerships have been developed through the outstanding ability of our students to deliver value through process improvement projects.

There are various types of sponsors for the Integrated LeanSigma Certification Program in ISE. The simplest is just a capstone certification project sponsor.  Details on what is involved in becoming a capstone certification sponsor, along with information on current active & recent sponsors and the type of projects can be found in the Program Definition Document for 2015-16, follow the link. 

We also have a number of more involved and committed sponsors that provide greater support to the program in the form of: serving on our Review Board, program level funding (above and beyond project level funding), strategic hiring pipeline (formal working relationship where best in class candidates are funneled for consideration to selected partners), etc.

If you have any interest in becoming a partner with our program, please just contact Dr. Sink.