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Information for students


An overview of Integrated Lean Sigma and the Certification Program in Integrated Systems Engineering can be found by clicking on this link. 

Why ILSS and how does it fit into my plan of study? - 

Questions as to why ILSS certification is valuable as an augmentation to your ISE degree, Course Structure and Content, how ILSS fits into your program of study, how to apply, etc. are found in this deck.  

Course syllabus and costs - 

The syllabus for the course (Sp 19) is linked for your benefit and all the curriculum and resource requirements and also costs associated with the program are included in this document. 

How to apply ? - 

Also linked is a Student Profile Template, to apply you complete this profile, insert a photo, send to Dr. Sink along with a Resume and he will process your application.  An interview is required.