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Publications, Case Studies, and Webinars

Developing solid communication skills (oral, written, body language, etc.) is critical to success for ISE’s who augment their degrees with an Integrated LeanSigma Certification.  Our ‘customers’ (the hiring organizations and project sponsors) expect more from the candidates who take this path.  As such, candidates do a great deal of meeting preparation and presentation practice, meeting support material design and development, and then project write ups.  This practice creates standard process improvement project deliverables:  stage gate (toll gate) ‘decks’ to support stage gate meetings, final reports, case study write up’s that are publishable, and much A3 practice as part of weekly progress and performance updates. 
We provide, in this section of our website, exemplary outputs from the program and various candidate projects. 
Illustrative and Background Documents provided for your review are:

  • An ILSS Program Design Review presentation the year it was awarded the Outstanding Curriculum Innovation Award by ISE Academic Department Heads at the Annual IIE Conference.  This provides an understanding of the history of the program and the concept design.


  • A presentation Dr. Sink provided to a class of Master Black Belts (in-training) for Moresteam in 2014 that focuses on how to design, develop and deploy “Performance Improvement Programs” in the context of larger scale corporate transformation or Op Ex Programs. 


  • An ‘iSixSigma Final Tollgate’ style case study (a number of these).