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Links Title Descriptions
1. CIEADH/IIE Innovations in Curriculum Award Committee Review An ILSS Program Design Review presentation the year it was awarded the Outstanding Curriculum Innovation Award by ISE Academic Department Heads at the Annual IIE Conference, 2011. The presentation provides an understanding of the history of the program and its concept design. 
2.  Designing, Developing, Deploying
“Performance Improvement Programs”
in the Context of
Corporate Transformations
A presentation Dr. Sink provided to a class of Master Black Belts (in-training) for Moresteam in 2014 that focuses on how to design, develop and deploy “Performance Improvement Programs” in the context of larger scale corporate transformation or Op Ex Programs.
3. Best in Class Integrated LeanSigma Case Studies Dr. Sink and candidates in the program participate in the Institute of Industrial Engineering Annual Conferences, providing Case Study Panels of best in class projects completed each year.  An example of this type of presentation is linked here from the Montreal IIE Conference in 2014.