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Our Track Record

Our program has developed a track record of delivering substantial value to local businesses.  In fact, most firms have chosen to sponsor our projects on repeated occasions attesting to the program’s positive impact on their operations.  Sponsors have ranged from Fortune- 500s to small-medium businesses and have spanned across industries.  We have partnered with select non-profits and government agencies as well. Current, active and recent sponsors include:

Sherwin Williams Grange Insurance Worthington Industries
OSU Office of Business and Finance  Ohio Health Diamond Innovations
OSU Student Life The Wexner Medical Center at Ohio State University Donato's
OSU Purchasing, Stores, Receving, and Mail Services Royal Building Products Nationwide Insurance
Transmet Mettler Toledo National Church Residences
Abbott Akzo Nobel Sutphen
Rod's Western Outfitters Kroger Emerson Liebert
Smiths Medical Verizon Pelatonia
PPG Amethyst Walmart
Terrier Steel Peerless Saw  


Since the program was established in 2007, we have successfully completed over 250 projects.  Another 27 projects have recently been completed and are in the evaluation phase as of April 2015. And, another 25 projects are underway for the 2015-16 Program Year.  All projects are tracked over time (minimum of 1 year) by the Program Director for benefit realization and direct financial benefits. To date, benefits are in excess of $4.7M in direct financial benefits and an additional $2.5M in indirect financial benefits with an additional $1M of benefits in process through our projects while improving customer and employee satisfaction.  Project selection is a joint process between Dr. Sink and the Sponsor.