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Our Value Proposition


WE ENGINEER VALUE for our Stakeholders:

While we call this program simply the Integrated LeanSigma Certification program in the Integrated Systems Engineering, since 2007 I think the Value Proposition for the Program has evolved to be these things:

1—OUTSTANDING SEASONING FOR OUR STUDENTS:  The program has proven to be an outstanding seasoning and readying process for a select group of ISE candidates (approximately 30% of the ISE student body pursues this very rigorous additional certification program).  100% of the graduates of the ISE/ILSS program have the job of their choice BEFORE they graduate as contrasted with College and Department wide numbers that are in the 70-80% range.

2—SOURCE OF POSITIVE CULTURE CHANGE:  our candidates, while working on important projects with sponsors, act as agents for positive change.  Over and over again we see our young candidate ISE’s being able to share the principles of lean and six sigma and ISE and ‘unfreeze’ bad habits and become a positive force for improvements.  This is a huge, side benefit, from being a project sponsor with ISE/ILSS.

3—SYSTEMS APPROACH:  The ‘point of view’ or overarching model that I apply in teaching these candidates is really much broader than just traditional lean and six sigma.  Our candidates are taught how to think about their projects from an Enterprise Value perspective, taking into consideration the Voice of the Employee, Business, Customer, and of course, the process.  For more detail on how our candidates are prepared to think systems and create Enterprise Value for multiple stakeholders, see the Moresteam MBB Lunch Chat deck that we have linked for you.

Since 2007, we have tracked (using Moresteams TRACtion Program and Project Management Tool) our over 150 projects and have achieved direct and indirect financial benefits in excess of $7M with many, many more intangible benefits being realized concurrently.