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Value Proposition to Industry

Besides providing an opportunity to partner with Ohio State to develop our next-generation of world-class engineers, the program enables corporate sponsors to obtain significant business value through:

  • Proven track record over seven years of being able to produce results in a timely fashion;
  • OSU Engineering Students/Candidates are often able to spark change in teams that has previously been problematic;
  • Fresh perspectives and high-impact solutions to their operational problems;
  • Low cost, low risk implementations for their “back-burner” and important opportunities;
  • Early identification of candidates for future employment;
  • Increased corporate exposure on campus;
  • Leadership and project management experience for junior employees;
  • Project oversight by a seasoned performance improvement leader and Lean Sigma expert;
  • Training and development ‘on-the-job’ training for managers and employees that participate on core teams, e.g. learning about lean sigma by osmosis side benefit;
  • Hands on oversight, coaching and direct involvement in all the project Tollgate (milestone) meetings by our program director;
  • Commitment to drive projects through to implementation and realization for top priority solution elements that are in scope;
  • Identification of follow-on (mid term and/or distant horizon) improvement opportunities for follow on projects
  • Networking opportunities with local businesses and Ohio State faculty;
  • The potential to couple Summer Internships with this Academic Year Project Program to provide for a longer time frame for larger scoped projects.