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The ISE Role in Service Systems Engineering: Service 4.0 Overview, Digital Transformation in Healthcare and Enterprise Shared Service

Industry 4.0 is a concept that is becoming well socialized and understood. The ISE roles in this ongoing transformation are well established. A similar transformation is occurring in service systems. That transformation, which some are calling Service 4.0, is less well understood and for sure the ISE role is much less well defined. The Service Systems Engineering “Community” in IISE has joined forces with Chapter No. 1 and created a series of webinars that will launch on the Nov. 6 and continue into 2019.

Whetting your Appetite ("Aperitivo"): All You Need to Know about Industry 4.0

IISE is a very diverse professional society with many young/early career professionals. Our Manufacturing and Design Division has teamed with Chapter #1 (Columbus) and the Council on Industrial and Systems Engineering (CISE) to provide a “foundational” webinar on Industry 4.0 and National Network for Manufacturing Innovation (NNMI).

Senior ISE Leaders Share Learnings from Career and Life Choicepoints

The Council on Industrial and Systems Engineering is a small group (22) of very senior ISE Leaders that meet twice a year to benchmark and continue to learn and develop. One of the ways CISE serves the profession, institute and our members is to provide periodic webinars where a small group of CISE members shares life and career lessons and tips.

Achieving Full Potential Performance: Managing Transformations in Yourself, Others, in Teams and Organizations

This webinar is focused on consolidating a great deal of research, experience and wisdom-sharing literature into practical bite-sized chunks, which will help you balance your ISE knowledge and skills with "bedside manner," soft, change leadership and management, and persuasion skills.

Operational Analytics for Integrated LeanSigma Process Improvement Projects Part IV 

Part IV of our Operational Analytics Webinar Series will capstone the first three parts, bring it all together. We will discuss comprehensive case examples of where the Data Manager Role (Part II) and the Decision Support Analyst Role (Part III) come together in DMAIC and/or DCDOV type Process Improvement Projects. We’ll have project leaders on the webinar with us in a panel type format and will engage the audience in Q&A.

Operational Analytics for Integrated LeanSigma Process Improvement Projects Part III

Part III of our Operational Analytics Webinar Series focuses on the Decision Support Analyst role. We will review, summarize parts I and II first, and then zoom in on the art and science of creating powerful visualizations that can accelerate improvement decision making and action taking.

Integrated LeanSigma Certification: Project Cast Studies

This webinar will share three integrated LeanSigma process improvement projects that were completed as part of the Certification Capstone in ISE at Ohio State.

Operational Analytics for Integrated LeanSigma Process Improvement Projects Part II

Part II of our Operational Analytics Series focuses on the data management role of an ISE in a process/performance improvement project. Frederici will lead by sharing a data modeling process that ensures you have the right data and facts to support sustained process improvement.

Engaging Employees in Operational Excellence: 2-Second Lean Case Studies

Effectively engaging employees in continuous improvement is a goal that most organizations aspiring for improvement want and need.  There are many ways to achieve this, Paul Akers has made 2 Second Lean popular and has provided great guidance on how to pull this off.

Career and Life Choice Points

By member request, CISE offered a webinar on September 12 that focused on this topic presented by Joan Tafoya with Intel, Steve Savoie with GM and Scott Sink with OSU. CISE feels that this offering has extended value for our members and so we want to "cookie cut" the model and do three more for CISE members.

Operational Analytics for Integrated LeanSigma Process Improvement Projects

ILSS Improvement Projects require a different type of operational analytics than most organizations are used to applying and using.

The Role of ISE in the Evolving Supply Chain

This webinar will focus on providing a strategic and high-level view of the landscape of change in supply chain with a focus on different roles and contributions that ISEs can make and are making.

Managing the Transition from Engineer to Manager

Learning, lessons and tips on how to manage one’s career over time, broadly, and more specifically how to manage the transition from an ISE/Engineer to more of a manager type role will be explored. Members of the Eastern Ohio Chapter of IISE suggested the focus for this presentation.

Accelerating Early Career Success - Working on Soft Skill/Change Leadership Gaps

It can be challenging to enter the workforce as a young professional. However, there are seven great habits young professionals can develop to find success. The panelists will explain the importance of forming good habits and discuss how IISE can help young professionals develop their own.

Successful Integrated LeanSigma Case Studies

The integrated systems engineering department at The Ohio State University showcases the ‘best of best—most impactful’ capstone Integrated LeanSigma Certification Projects in this lunch and learn webinar.

The Art and Science of Persuasion: Becoming More Effective as an ISE at Creating Successful Change

Industrial and Systems Engineers, in some respects, are often change agents, agents of change. This webinar focuses on sharing principles and tips for developing your ability to ‘sell’ your innovations and ideas.

Lean Transformation - Learnings, Lessons and Tips

The Columbus (Greater Ohio) Professional Chapter of IISE and the Council on Industrial and Systems Engineering are pleased to launch our Lunch and Learn webinar series. Our first webinar focuses on helping organizations better understand how to plan for, design, develop and then implement and deploy lean throughout the organization.